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Our clients receive the best of both worlds: detailed independent research and market analysis written within current information which is continuously being updated.

Aico provides investor-based research and corporate communications services to increase the visibility of innovative and growing private and public companies that represent extraordinary investment opportunities. Regardless of the size of the client, our independent research and advisory services provide additional value and assistance in realizing a company’s goals, enabling it to achieve its fullest potential.

Our methods are well-established and diverse—from compiling and disseminating objective, factual information for both institutional and retail investor audiences to capitalizing on our expansive line of targeted distribution channels, which include industry-leading financial data and information providers complemented by the use of prominent social media channels and by strategic and targeted appearances on national news programs and print media.


What Makes Us Independent?

Aico is committed to excellence and dedicated to working toward the betterment of both the professional investment industry and the greater community as a whole.

Aico Group does not offer direct investment banking or brokerage services to clients, so we are able to maintain our independence and objectivity when examining and detailing a company’s business for investors. Unlike conventional analyst reports, our products do not contain ratings (“Outperform,” “Market Perform,” “Under-perform,” or in plain language, “buy,” “hold,” and “sell”), target prices, or financial models with projections, which frequently cause investors to discount the credibility of information presented.

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Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) is an essential part of sophisticated investors’ due diligence programs. It supports informed and correct decision making, providing insight and promoting understanding of a target’s strategic position, market attractiveness, competitive dynamics, growth opportunities and management team. In addition, it strengthens the investor’s negotiating position, highlights commercial risks, addresses valuation and contributes to integration and separation planning.