Real Estate

Real estate offers unique opportunities for players who have access to privileged market information and debt financing. Many of these players have investment options for outside investors through the exempt market, so that investors can participate in projects like development projects such as multi-family or commercial buildings, as well as pooled rent and mortgage investments. At Aico, we provide the insight and analysis necessary for investors to take advantage of these unique opportunities.

One of the most critical steps in evaluating any real estate investment is a thorough understanding of the location, such as proximity to amenities or schools and a thorough understanding of future developments through the municipal development plans. Our analysis allows us to dig deep into the characteristics of each investment and communicate to investors the idiosyncratic risks and associated returns of each project.

Real Estate Strategy

  • Coverage has a primary focus on Commercial Real Estate, but addresses residential coverage where significant residential investment markets exist.
  • Focus is on direct real estate, but covers REITS, from a macro perspective, in specific reports throughout the year.
  • Each report will highlight specific real estate investment opportunities or issues, concentrating on market fundamentals, medium term strategic views and tactical analysis.
  • Incorporated into the report are proprietary Aico indicators to measure the health of the real estate market and, where relevant, its cyclical position within a specific region.