Geopolitical Strategy

Geopolitical analysis is an essential component of any sound investment strategy. Ongoing de-leveraging in the West and the ‘crisis of expectations’ among Emerging Market middle classes reinforce the view that geopolitical risk to markets is not a fleeting fad but an entrenched trend. Aico Geopolitical Strategy (GPS) service provides clients with clarity, understanding, and a tailored global investment strategy.
Competitive Advantage

  • GPS combines the firm’s sixty years of macroeconomic research experience with geopolitical risk analysis. No other provider of geopolitical analysis has a stronger grounding in macroeconomics or a long-standing tradition of conducting investment-relevant research.
  • The GPS analytical framework regards geopolitics as either a risk or an opportunity, recognizing the need to preserve capital and/or seek profits as risks are mispriced.
  • Geopolitical risk analysis is relative, not to national interests or normative concerns, but to the investment positions of our clients, and GPS coverage is global insofar as it relates to investment opportunities.