Independent Research

Aico Groups Independent Research for Institutional Investors

We believe that the value of equity research is measured by the performance achieved by its users, and consequently we focus the efforts of our analysts and our models on identifying companies that will outperform and under perform their industries.

We operate a vast research department among Independent Research Providers. Aicos’ independent equity research integrates quantitative models with the judgments of our staff who are organized by industry and are responsible for making recommendations. 

Overview of Research Offering

Our independent research offering includes analyst written company reports and analyst phone contact, 1500 one page Snapshot quantitative reports, our monthly Market Strategy Overview, our bi-weekly Model Portfolio and our monthly Economic Outlook.

Analyst Written Research –

Our analysts use the Quantitative models as one of many inputs they evaluate to determine their own recommendations, target aspects.  Analysts are available for phone conversations about their followed companies.