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The technology sector leads the business cycle, providing the initial market pickup while other sectors are in early recovery. Our technology coverage includes industries such as telecommunication, computing, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, medical devices, chemicals, high-tech manufacturing, software and other R&D-focused industries.

Companies in the technology sector may face vastly varying degrees of competition depending on their particular business, and such competitive dynamic drives margins fo the players. Therefore, our research starts with a view on each company’s position in the value chain of the industry. We also look at the company’s R&D efforts compared to peers to identify future growth potentials.

Market Research Consulting

We can conduct custom market research studies and quantitative investment analysis on a one-time or on-going basis.

Performance Evaluation Studies and Audits
We can conduct performance evaluation studies for sell-side firms to use for such things as setting analyst compensation, or for buy-side firms to use for internal performance and style analysis, and for client reporting and marketing.

For Broker-Dealers
& Investment Advisors

Energy & Resources

The energy and resources industries contribute billions of dollars to the economy each year. The dynamic nature of the industry allows its participants the chance to become the next big-cap player in the market.

Aicos’ comprehensive insights and unique perspectives on investment fundamentals offer informed and original research to help investors examine each investment opportunity in the context of its respective industry. Such analysis often relies on extensive research into the local geography, region, and access to management insight, where we can add value to the investors.



For Individual

Real Estate

Real estate offers unique opportunities for players who have access to privileged market information and debt financing. Many of these players have investment options for outside investors through the exempt market, so that investors can participate in projects like development projects such as multi-family or commercial buildings, as well as pooled rent and mortgage investments. At Aico, we provide the insight and analysis necessary for investors to take advantage of these unique opportunities.

One of the most critical steps in evaluating any real estate investment is a thorough understanding of the location, such as proximity to amenities or schools and a thorough understanding of future developments through the municipal development plans. Our analysis allows us to dig deep into the characteristics of each investment and communicate to investors the idiosyncratic risks and associated returns of each project.


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Currently, the most common investment offerings in the renewable energy sector are solar, wind, hydro, geothermal energy and biofuels. The returns in these sub-sectors are often related to factors such as government incentive programs and subsidies. In countries where the power industry is less competitive, power companies often purchase energy from these renewable energy producers at favourable rates. On the other hand, in countries with intense industry competitions, such as the United States, renewable energy players often face stiff price competition, which leads directly to lower returns for investors. Aside from the industry’s competitive landscape, governments often extend favourable loans and grants to support the R&D and construction of these renewable energy projects. Our analysts provide comprehensive insights into the government policy towards the conventional renewable industry and the competitive structure of the industry in different regions.

Besides government policy and competitive structure of the industry, the geographical location of each project also plays a big role in determining the risks and returns for investors. Investors are often introduced to new and unfamiliar risk factors such as hydrology risk (risk associated with hydrologic cycles such as drought, landslide and flood) that are specific to the project and its location. We identify and quantify these risk factors to support investors in their own assessment of a project’s risk and return.


The Bank Credit Analyst

Competitive Advantage
  • Combines technical and fundamental analysis to deliver a mulch-dimensional perspective on the investment outlook.
  • Draws attention to the major thematic ideas that are shaping investment strategy while delivering rigorous macro analysis in an accessible and informative manner.
  • Delivers thought-provoking discussion of key macro drivers affecting global markets, with emphasis on identifying burgeoning investment risks or opportunities.

Commodity & Energy Strategy

Competitive Advantage
  • Understanding that commodities are an important alternative asset class, Aicos’ Commodity & Energy Strategy provides not only top-down and bottom-up analysis but also commodity megatrends and investment opportunities.
  • Presents global commodity and energy allocation advice with key inputs into setting portfolio strategies and enhancing returns and incorporates Aicos’ traditional macro thematic, top-down strengths for commodity/energy futures, equities and currencies.
  • Links top-down analysis to strategic commodity rotation themes (base metals, precious metals, energy), as well as how to implement in commodity futures, equities and currencies, based on relative valuation models.

Emerging Markets Strategy

Competitive Advantage
  • Incorporates a robust fundamental and qualitative analysis on key themes for a variety of countries as well as a comprehensive method of country comparison that highlights investment trends and country asset allocation.
  • Discusses critical global themes and their interaction with emerging markets to help clients understand the big picture by merging global research with country insights.
  • Ties all emerging market asset classes together to deliver actionable and specific investment recommendations allowing clients to preserve capital or capture major market moves.